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20/7 - Ell & Hart (Swe-Aus)

Ell & Hart is comprised of Aussie Sheona Urquhart and Swede Jade Ell. The girls love for tight harmonies, cutting-edge production and a sprinkling of saxophone, results in a fresh take on meaningful pop music.

Jade Ell is a Swedish artist and songwriter, who has contributed to albums that have sold over 5 million copies.

"Jade"s sound, the songs, and the production are all so fresh in the combination of so many different elements within each song. "There is not one hook in any of the songs - the entire songs themselves are hooks." - Billboard

Sheona Urquhart, originally from Melbourne, Australia, has played saxophone in various Australian jazz bars, before becoming a founding member of the popular female a cappella quartet ‘Ginger and Tonic’, with whom she released two albums. Sheona’s effervescent personality has been showcased on commercial radio and the Australian live comedy scene (Tv Live On Stage). Sheona also played Candace Carey on Aussie soap “Neighbours”, one of UK’s most popular TV shows.

Spend your summer eve in the city at Glashuset WY13, where you’ll get to take part of their songs and story-telling.

27/7 – ManuElla LIVE with Maryan (Eurovision 2016)

ManuElla is one of the most popular female singers in Slovenia. In 2016 she represented her country with her song “Blue and Red” at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Since early childhood music has played the biggest role in ManuElla’s life. By the age of six she mastered accordion and at the age of 13 she went on to form her first band as a singer and bass guitarist. However, she has always felt her best as a vocalist and as a 16-year-old she made her first performance on national TV.

After the performance at Eurovision Song Contest she received amazing feedback from influential Swedish music industry professionals and in the summer of 2016 she was invited back to perform in Sweden several times. This experience gave ManuElla the courage to forge a new career and she subsequently made the decision to move to Sweden and create a name for herself internationally.
ManuElla is now in the process of recording her debut Album in her unique country-pop crossover and indie-rock style. Together with her partner Maryan who is also the composer and co-writer of her Eurovision song “Blue and Red”, Manuella has been performing for many years on the highest level at different events. Maryan is her music producer, composer - and performs with her live on this special Summer night at Galshuset WY13.

10/8 - Hanna Turi

Hanna Turi from Dalarna, Sweden has been fascinated by music since childhood. By the age of 9 she put her finger on the REC-button and started recording her own songs. Her debut album Some Old Tapes was released 2011 and was followed by a US tour. Her peculiar voice have been received well worldwide and has led to several performances at the music festival and congress South by South West (SxSW) in Austin, gigs at legendary places in New York and a vast tour in Italy.

Her second album Tracks in the Water (2015) shows the broad spectrum of emotional lyrics and world class songwriting that is Hanna Turi. There’s no doubt that these eleven songs will both create a buzz in the media and a vibration through your soul as you experience Hanna’s ability to touch your heart for a day, for a week but probably for the rest of your life. Now she’s back with the new music video and single Heavy Heart and a China tour awaits in September 2016. She has also won the prize ”Best Singer/Songwriter” in Musik Direkt,  the same music competition where Laleh and Jose Gonzales were discovered.

"Hanna belongs on the piano and sings beautifully with a generous heart which leaves you spellbound and awestruck" – BBC London

Listen to Hanna"s music here

17/8 - Annika Thörnqvist with Daniel Karlsson (Oddjob)

The melancholy of the Swedish countryside meats NYC in this sweet sound of soft jazz and popsoul. The colourful singer Annika Thörnqvist, known as the leadsinger of Swedish band DaBuzz, shares the new album "Waltz For The Indecisive” - her debut as a solo artist. With the innovative and inspiring pianist Daniel Karlsson, known from the popular jazz trio Oddjob, by her side this will be an enjoyable summer evening at the live venue Glashuset WY13.

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