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Between the unique glass facade and the brick walls from the former metalworks, you’ll find Glashuset Restaurant and Bar. A dazzling seven meters from floor to ceiling creates a special atmosphere in this extraordinary venue on Södermalm. Consisting of exposed rock face from millions of years ago, we dare to say that we have the oldest floor you’ll ever place your feet on whilst ordering a drink. A familiar restaurant, large in heart, where the food is cooked from scratch. 

The dinner menu presents the owner Per Hellsten’s favorite dishes from around the world, with inspiration from his many travels during his years as an ethnographer. Exotic flavours combined with updated classics from the Nordic cuisine; this is a menu where each dish has its own story to be told.

At the bar we offer a selection of beer, wine, drinks and cocktails. The live venue Glashuset WY13 is a scene where up-and-coming artists will share the stage with well-known names. Stay tuned for upcoming events here on our website and Facebook.

In summertime we have an outdoor seating at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan where you can soak up the Swedish summer. During warm nights we’ll also open the glass facade and let the summer’s breeze from the streets of Södermalm be part of your experience. Welcome to Glashuset Restaurant and Bar!

Open Wednesday–Saturday, Closed Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day (19–20 June 2020)

The whole menue is available to take away (15 % discount)



Swedish prawn mix on butter fried bread with whitefish roe (L, G) Full 195:- Half 135:-

Västerbotten (cheese) pie with sour cream and whitefish roe (G) 145:-

Main courses

Tonight’s fish (char or seabass) with horseradish cream and a herbed potato puree (L) 290:-

Minced moose steaks served with sliced fried potatoes, mixed mushroom sauce and black currant jelly (L) 220:-

Spicy vegan lentil stew with home baked pita bread (V) 220:-


Sorbet (L) 65:-
ask about todays flavor (might contain traces of nuts)

Vanilla Ice Cream (L) 70:-
(might contain traces of nuts)

Home made chocolate truffle (L) 40 :-
ask about todays flavor

L= contains lactose
G=contains gluten
V= Vegan


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