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Hellstens Glashus is situated at the heart of what is today the most interesting, hip and popular area of Stockholm – Södermalm, the Southside or the South Island. Hellstens Glashus house 44 rooms together with a restaurant. The location is close to Mariatorget and only across the street from the underground station with the same name, within walking distans from Gamla Stan –Stockholm’s historic and beautiful old town.

It is a design hotel with very special features.

Hellstens Glashus is located in a historical building with tradition. The name is directly translated to “Hellsten’s Glass House” and has a history of its own.

The history of the building dates back to the early 1900s when the posterior of the building was a metal foundry in which church bells for all over Sweden were formed. The house later housed a glaziery and printer. It was later rebuilt into a dance theatre with the appropriate name “The Glass House” which inspired us to the name Hellstens Glashus. Indeed this is reinforced by the unique glass facade which has brought attention with its distinguished architecture.

The theatre tradition is continued at our live music venue WY13.

Hellstens Glashus is an ideal base to explore Stockholm and the artistic Södermalm and the design capital Stockholm.

The old property has been complemented with new elements and colors to create a groundbreaking interesting architecture that attracts attention. It completely put out against other house facades and the style of the neighborhood in general and opens up for discussion. Glass with elements of paint and metal. Every age should add something new to the cityscape.

Originally there was a metal foundry and its brick building is still far in the buildings and forms a fund against the restaurant and hotel lobby. Above this, a new building has been built with a spectacular glass facade with some selected glass panes in different colors, as well as brass bars for the French balconies. This age has set its stamp.

The restaurant and bar boast of having Stockholm’s oldest floor, which is 1,900,000,000 years old. The absolute bedrock. We have built the bar around the plateau that formed a natural floor. Something unique in Stockholm and in the world.

Tones from church bells casted at the metal foundry still rings in many places across the country. In more modern times, the foundry was replaced by a glass mastery and a garage and then a printing company until a benevolent patron put money into rebuild everything into a dance studio which went bankrupt and replaced by a theater. The building was then owned by a real estate company that gave up its construction plans. So when Hellsten Hotel bought the building it took thirteen years to get a building permit for a hotel. A 6-story building has been built to the street and in the ground floor the house has been merged with the foundry’s facade. The result is unique. Under the 44 hotel rooms, there is a large airy room hosting an excellent restaurant that creates exciting food of Nordic origin, spiced up with dishes from around the world. So, this restaurant competes for discerning guests in Stockholm’s restaurant jungle.


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